Quantified Gmail

September 30, 2014

In an going effort to passively track everything, I recently set up a script to record just how bad I am at email. With the help of Kevin Kwok who showed me the wonders of App Scripts, I set up a script that records the number of emails in my inbox, and a trigger that executes it every hour.

The result is a Google sheet with a timestamp and my inbox count: you can see a live interactive chart here.

My email follows a fairly consistent pattern of small triages with intermittent substantial sorting, and I have consistently failed to achieve Inbox Zero since I started tracking. I think it would be bad if the graph was flat at zero though as it would indicate I was constantly interrupting my day to handle email (or got no emails). However, I would like to establish a regular cadence of achieving inbox zero (or close to it) every other day.

Some of the simple ways I try and reduce email workload:

  • Separate inbox and filter for notes to myself using Captio
  • Separate inbox and filters for all email lists, newsletters etc.

I know others really like GmailMeter, which has a lot more analytics, and many people find Unroll.me particularly helpful.

What does your graph look like?

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