Penda Health

November 22, 2012

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in Kenya with Penda Health. Penda Health is a startup social enterprise offering general outpatient healthcare to low & middle income Kenyans. The three ambitious and tenacious founders took the leap in January, 2012 to set up their first clinic and have big plans to expand to a chain of outpatient health clinics across Kenya. Their first clinic, as of October, is now seeing almost 600 patients per month.

I got to join them as part of a full year class I am taking on Social Enterprises. This spring semester was dedicated to learning about entrepreneurship in developing countries from case studies and guest speakers, as well as beginning to understand the field of impact investing. Over the summer we got grant funding to spend time on the ground with a social enterprise of our choice. My team and I ended up reaching out to and joining Penda Health. This semester we are writing a full multi-media case study on Penda.

While in Kenya we tried to add value to the team, so as not to just be a net drain of time and energy. We helped them think about their plans for scaling up to a chain, and pulled a ton of demographic, health and wealth data on 100+ towns in Kenya that we combined into a formula to rank and prioritize the attractiveness of various other towns for future clinics.

I also spent time interviewing the founders and put together a short video pitch for them. This short video also enabled me to try out several firsts:

  • My first time filming
  • My first time filming on my new Canon DSLR
  • My first time using Final Cut Pro

I am thankful for the inspiration and dedication that founders like Nick, Steph and Beatrice demonstrate in their commitment to valuable missions beyond themselves and in service of others. You can watch the video below and if you are interested in learning more or supporting them head over to their website. Any critical feedback regarding the video production is welcome so I can improve!

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