Obesity In The USA

March 14, 2013


  • The motivation for this project was
    1. To learn D3.
    2. To learn how to create a D3 visualization in an Octopress blog post.
    3. To improve upon the current CDC graphic for visualizing this data.
  • The metric being used is the % of people per state that are classified as obese (BMI 30.0+).
  • The CDC has a set of powerpoint slides on their website that loops through each year and color codes states by obesity level. I felt that D3 would offer a chance to improve on the graphic by making it both more interactive, and also using a linear color gradient vs 5% threshold color jumps.
  • All the data was collected using this CDC tool which provides the percent of obese individuals per state since 1995. I downloaded individual CSV files for each year and then combined them into one CSV for 1995-2010. I then used this tool to convert the CSV into JSON-properties that I could access using D3.
  • If you are interested in how to create D3 graphics in an Octopress blog post I have posted the raw code for this post in a gist here. It isn’t the cleanest, but it works and if you have feedback please drop me a comment!
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