Drones in Public COAs

April 09, 2014

Yesterday I documented some of the maps used to show flight areas in various Certificates of Aviation for domestic drones filed with the FAA. Many of the COAs also include an image of the drone for which they want approval. As you can see below, there is quite a wide variety, from hobbyist quadcopters to DIY mini-planes and military-esque predators.

USDA Agricultural Services

Air Force

Texas A&M University

Cornell University

Gadsden, Alabama Police Department

Georgia Tech Police Department

Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office

Miami-Dade, Florida Police Department

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

The North Little Rock police department in Arkansas also uses this UAV.

Polk County, Florida Sheriff’s Department

Seattle, Washington Police Department

University of Wisconsin

Drones in Public COAs was published on (revised: ) Miles Grimshaw

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