1 Billion

March 10, 2014

Kickstarter just had the billionth dollar pledged on the platform. The company published a fun infographic of some of their data to celebrate. They included a map of how much each country had pledged total, but they didn’t show where all the money had gone to. So I visualized that as 1. By days over time 2. Cumulative over time and 3. By category over time.


  • The data set I scraped shows $957,512,698 total pledged (I am missing a few campaigns that threw errors when scraping) across 131,348 total campaigns
  • The data set has $840,599,488 successfully pledged across 56,270 successful campaigns


  1. Ruby script to collect all the data from Kickstarter campaign pages
  2. Google Apps Script that geocoded location addresses uploaded into a Google spearsheet into lat/lon for mapping. Thanks to @baygross for helping me with this script.
  3. R script to pull out the addresses for geocoding, and merge the result
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